Zonal mattresses

This mattress, as one might guess from the name, is divided into two zones. The first zone is rigid, designed for the massive people and the other is designed for the simple partner. In this case, there is a small drawback – is that every person is assigned to one half of the mattress. The positive side of this issue – the price of products faithful.

Mattresses with a double spring

This group of mattress is more comfortable, but also more expensive. At the base of the mattress double-faced construction laid, not dependent on each other. One is located in a spring. The outer spring has a lower stiffness and is easy to form a partner comfort, and the interior is stiffer. It is shorter, with the result that does not interfere with the simple partner, and if the mattress is a heavier person, it supports it perfectly. Therefore, this mattress can comfortably sleep with both sides.

Mattresses memoriks

This mattress is the original. It provides the opportunity to conveniently accommodate two people with a significant difference in weight. Memorias is a rare material, specially designed for the simple transfer of cosmonaut overload. In today’s world, this material found its application in the production of products of mass consumption. This mattress will only be forced where people remain. It copies the human form. Much too difficult is a person to buy-in double mattress on the floor, with independent sources recommended. If your weight is about 100 kg and the weight of your partner in two times less than memoriks mattress is the optimal solution.

Provisional consultation with a specialist in any case must not be superfluous. Such advice can be found on our website, here your favorite model of double mattress.