Which hardness to choose the product for a good sleep

In the variety of spring mattresses are not generally used as a basis here are layers of different materials such as coconut (coconut) and latex.Saltele on natural materials last longer than artificial (holofaybere, synthetic latex, etc.), but they cost structure mult.Selectaţi mattress, depending on its destination, the task desired weight and rigidity without dorită.Opţiuni the springs are well adapted to the contours of the body and are also suitable for recreation daily zi.materiale have their specific advantages:

latex made from rubber tree sap, hypoallergenic;
polyurethane (analogous synthetic latex) – and does not cause allergies, having properties similar to those of the natural product;
with husk (eg cedar shavings) – very good for your health, but they can not be restored after sleep, so they need to shake up, etc.

To achieve this effect, orthopedic mattress may be divided into areas with different degrees of hardness to provide optimum discharge of the musculoskeletal system during sleep.
How to Choose a mattress

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Experts recommend that all people give their preference for orthopedic mattresses, that back should rest solely on a surface plană.Printre recommendations compulsory acquisition of the utility model can distinguish an active lifestyle, systematic exercise, pain in different parts spatelui.Modelul of orthopedic not only adapt to the anatomical shape of the human body, but also to support the spine during sleep, it is better based descărcare.Pe main purpose of the device, it must be selected taking into account such factors :

optimum rigidity, weight
to a person;
Instead normal levels of moisture and air permeability;
ecological purity materials, their safety and hypoallergenic.

Please note that during postoperative recovery recommendations regarding parameters berth can only orthopedic surgeon.

stiffness parameter – one of the most important aspect in the mattress of choice for permanent sleep on a bed dublu.În if the stem is too tight, facing the wrong weight distribution and, consequently, the occurrence of pain in the hips and shoulders, because these places facing the greatest sarcină.La other extreme – too soft mattress – is also bad, because with such a bed the muscles simply can not relax on deplin.De usually depending on weight, age and experience personală.De example, children and adolescents is best to buy a model with soft springs, people aged – tough environment, if you have problems with the upper spine – hard mattress.

If you can not decide what kind of stiffness most comfortable for you, then give preference bilateral mattresses which are due to different filling on both sides have different degrees of hardness.
consider the maximum weight on the bed

For selecting a mattress is also necessary to take into account the ability of a particular model to carry a weight particulară.Dacă you choose wrong, you will be uncomfortable to sleep or base very quickly becomes deprived of general valoare.Recomandări weight are as follows: people

weighing up to 50 kilograms sleep on soft mattresses;
and it weighs up to 90 kilograms, that is, on average, and the average stiffness is needed;
for people who weigh more than 90 kilograms that you should pay attention to the rigid model.