Which bed linen is the right one?

We spend a lot of time finding the right mattress, the best duvet and the ergonomically perfect head pillow. Why, then, should we be less careful when choosing the bed linen? The selection is huge, so we will introduce you to the different materials a little bit more, so that you can find the perfect bedding for a comfortable sleep.

The bed linen comes directly to our body every night and contributes their part to healthy sleep. Therefore, the right bedding for a restful sleep should meet a few more conditions than just looking pretty. Of course the look is not insignificant. Because the fact that we find our bed is nice, lets us sleep better.

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Bed linen is like clothes for your bed and accordingly it makes sense to adapt it to the season, because there are particularly warming fabrics or fabrics which, for example sweat in the warm months, absorb particularly well. It is important that your bed linen is made of skin-friendly, breathable and easy-care materials. However, not every material fits every human being, because the preferences and needs are different. We have summarized the most common materials:
Renforcé is the standard weave for cotton and very hardwearing. The cotton is temperature-balancing and can absorb moisture well. The smooth surface is pleasantly soft. This bed linen is particularly suitable for the summer.
Jersey is a climate-friendly material that is both elastic, soft and absorbent, so (single-) jersey is good for summer or people who sweat a lot at night. There are different qualities, such as interlock or single jersey, which are of different thickness and can therefore be used all year round.