What would be the criteria by which we choose a mattress?

The mattress should be rotated every 1-2 months. Sleeping every night in the same place, the mattress deforms and tends to take the shape of the body, in addition, lengthen its lifespan. It is very important that the mattress you sleep an adequate size, allowing them to those who can change their sleeping position during sleep, for different sensations usually go to relax, sleep becomes agitated and wake up can be completely numb.
The mattress must adjust the temperature body temperature: to absorb moisture in summer and warm throughout the winter. Therefore, the materials used for coating are usually thermostatic, hypoallergenic and antiperspirant, such as cotton, silk and even cashmere. In the cold, experts recommend coating materials wool and the summer Wadding of cotton or silk.
To keep as clean mattress, you should use textile covers, which can be easily replaced and washed. The mattress should not be an environment for colonies of mites. Mattresses untreated bacteria, and dust mites ciupericilor affect health. Depending on the composition of the internal structure, mattresses include: springs, polyurethane foam, latex, visco memory foam.

Spring mattresses are the most common and cheapest. Indeformabil springs can be made of steel wire or carbon-coated foam, fabrics, varying thickness, density and shape. A novelty in the field are independent spring mattresses to be compressed separately and have the great advantage of offering independent occupants to move freely, without bothering each other. Latex mattresses.
Latex is a natural sponge foam hypoallergenic, breathable air, hygienic, insulating antibacterial. Latex foam body takes shape and is considered truly orthopedic and recommended by most doctors as the most suitable for a restful sleep. While past we revealed mattress leaves, the future will be an uncertainty for mattresses come in the meantime, natural latex (now used mattress latex), foam visco memory and polyurethane are the best choices for comfort now. We have shown options. Depending on your preferences and budget, you choose.