We mattress two main functions: support and comfort. Nothing more

First of all, you should remember that you do not pay attention to all the terms used by manufacturers and sellers of mattresses. They are for the most compelling love to name their products or Posturepedic Ortopedic. Which must mean that these mattresses for health are very good and are capable of treating the “deformation of the body and the spine.” This can not be, mattresses are not able to handle, and such items – the usual marketing, which should increase the interest of the consumer

Mattresses are divided into two categories – comfortable and comfortable. And everyone defines for themselves what is convenient. Therefore, what your husband (woman), may not be suitable for you. A mattress comfort for men fixed size, do not fit fragile woman.

Spine Support – is the ability of the mattress to assist your back straight during sleep, you can relieve the pain. Support function in the mattress carries its base, ie, spring or latex (foam) unit.

Comfort – the ability to form the body of the mattress and to reduce the stress of the usual pressure points to correspond to less twisting and turning during sleep. Comfort provides layers of fillers and quilted.