Top 10 cosmetics without which the stars can not live

1. Moisturizer
It is customary kit celebrities. Most stars are in love with the brand Crème de la Mer, which is said to defy the laws of nature and actually rejuvenates the skin. Want something similar? Well, you can find a moisturizer without parabens, based on marine extracts and pharmacies and plafaruri. What is the secret? Preheat a little cream in hands before applying it on face and neck.

2. Lip Gloss transparent
As strange as it seems, prefer Maybelline stars, which cost $ 8, roughly 30 lei. Jennifer Aniston is a big fan of this product. Why use such a product? Because it is discreet and can complete a day or makeup can be applied over a lipstick in a shade stronger to give him more shine.

3. Pencil black eye
Whether you want a dramatic or one retro makeup, eye creoinul stars use to put their eyes out. A star that is Lily Allen uses it constantly. Most opt for Lancome, but you can find one quality and a more accessible brand.

4. Mascara
Again, the stars are opting for Maybelline. For a casual day makeup, a little mascara and a little blush is everything it needs a star and you can do the same. Also, evening makeup, mascara for volume offers a spectacular aspect of genes.

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5. Eyebrow Kit
A little eyebrow kit contains shadow for spancene and a pencil. It is useful to emphasize your eyebrows, as does Avril Lavigne, or to correct them when they are growing. Celebrity does not lack, so try to get you in possession of one.

6. Night Cream
Stars opt for Guerlain, because it has regenerative properties, but you can find one as good in pharmacies and specialty stores at an affordable price. All you need to know is like night cream should be chosen depending on skin type. Freida Pinto and do so.

7. Powder Foundation
If you want to have an impeccable look that’s Catherine Zeta-Jones, you need a mineral powder foundation. It will give you a look bright and natural. Bare Escentuals Bare stars opt for Mineral Foundation, but obviously find and cheaper products and quality. The secret is in place! Foundation powder to be spread very well using a special brush.

8. Blush
All celebrities use blush to get a fresh and shiny. Michelle Williams is a fan of the brand Nars Blush. How to Find a blush as good but cheaper? Apply a little blush on hand and see how it adapts to your skin. A quality blush looks natural on the skin. If looks flour, look for something else.

9. Serum antielectrizare
If you want a disciplined and shiny hair that’s Reese Witherspoon, then you need this product. She uses Frieda Frizz-Ease Serum John, but the domestic market will find a lot of those sera affordable. You just have to find the right one for you.

10. Natural oil anti-stretch marks
Gwyneth Paltrow is a huge fan of this product. She uses an oil called bio-Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Stretch Oil. If you are and you are looking for cheap alternatives and organic when you can buy from Plafar grapefruit oil or jojoba oil.