The dimensions of the garage door of a passenger car

Sometimes you need to meet two vehicles. If you need a garage door for 2 cars, the dimensions are as follows:

Take the width of two cars plus the distance to open doors between the cars and walls.
When calculating the height considered holder growth + 20-30 cm. Typically, the door trim is within 2.2 m.

Standard size Garage door, for developing the car, sometimes contain space for tools. It can also be the rest of the box owner and a place.

Price swinging Garage door allows to equip the space for transport without endangering the budget. This is the traditional type of input in the building where the vehicle is stored, and therefore the most popular.
What is the size of garage doors is better to choose?

The production of garage doors are often performed without mass of the material used and the area of ​​the flaps. If you have a question, what size of garage door is better to choose, then stop for a standard design. Too wide leaf folding box will slowly sink below its own weight. Hinge axis, and offset skew. The deformation becomes noticeable.

The dimensions of the garage door are determined by the guests, so start in order from the width of the vehicle and its fully open the doors.

To make the door less deformed, make a special entrance for the owner. This is useful when you occasionally use a car. Gate size is usually not much bigger than a person, and often – much less. When guided by the design and the thickness of the metal Q-factor of choice, otherwise possible misalignment of the flaps, where the gate is located.

Automatic whole structure advantageously vertical or horizontal movement of the web. It is also possible to fix with time at atypical trunk width, but they will be less dependent on guides. Widest metal garage doors – cutting and rolling.