Such doors are characterized by an affordable price

Not so long ago, when we had to talk about the garage doors, we were all showing the traditional metal turnstiles. Only such a massive and reliable design guaranteed the safety of the car inside the garage. The construction and design of the gate was not particularly respected, since the choice was particularly small.

Nowadays, however, the market offers a variety of garage doors that differ in terms of installation, design, manufacturing material and other nuances. How to choose a garage door so as not to lose yourself in this diversity and provide comfort and safety? We will try to understand this below.
Types of garage doors

Before you answer the question which garage doors you should choose, consider their main types, depending on the type and type of installation.
wing gates

As a rule, this type of garage door is a construction consisting of two hinged doors.

Such doors are characterized by an affordable price and good burglar protection. In particular, they are models made of thick steel, which are equipped with removable pins, reliable bolts and safety locks.
Among the deficiencies is the need for open space in front of the gate to open it.
The owners of garages with turning doors in the winter are experiencing great problems when it is necessary to catch snow.