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Selection handle size

The easiest way to determine the solution to your pen, or not – is to put a tennis racket in hand. Then, grasp it, and put the index finger of the other hand into the gap between the fingers and the palm of the hand holding the racket. If the gap width is approximately equal to the width of your index finger, then this pen for you.

In general, the basic rule of selection handles reads: choose as large a handle with which you are comfortable to play.

The American system expresses the length of the handle circumference in inches. The European shows how many eighths of an inch this circle is (minus 4 inches). For example, size 4 3/8 American system in the third dimension corresponds to European.

Rackets with heads such as “Oversize” and “SuperOversize” more suited to those who like to play on the back line or pair of players, because these rackets by additional string surface allow for better spinning and clipped the ball. However, it should be noted that beginning players, using such a racket, may increase the number of inaccurate punches.

These rackets have a more powerful blow. Also, they are distinguished by an increased “SweetSpot” – the central area of the strings. When you find yourself in this area, you feel that it beat racket center. It is expressed in a special “comfort” punch. Generally, with good technique and play the ball must always fall into this same “SweetSpot”. With the removal of the point of contact of the ball with the strings of the racquet center, “comfort” blow falls. Most unpleasant of all, when the ball falls quite close to the rim, as the racket thus receives a large torque, scroll in his hand, and the power and precision strike are plummeting. Rackets with an enlarged head area more easily forgive the non-central shocks.

Rackets with heads of type “MidSize” and “MidPlus” more preferable to carry out the supply and Tackle.

To play in the summer against the powerful enemy attacks are more suitable head type “MidSize”, as they provide better control of stroke than the “Oversize”. To Tackle used and rackets “Oversize”, but they are giving more chances to hit the ball due to the increased area is worse than “MidSize” control the kick.

As a compromise can be considered the head “MidPlus”, providing more controlled as compared to the “Oversize” kick. This blow is more powerful than “MidSize”. Rackets with “MidPlus” heads are becoming more popular is due to its versatility.

Some companies offer “SuperOversize” model, the area of which reaches up to 870 cm. Square. These giants, unfortunately, often too poor control of the ball.