Replacing the catalyst with a flame arrester: Tips, options, nuances

One of the main criteria for the qualitative work of the entire car can easily be called its noiselessness. When too loud sounds emanating from the silencer side appear during driving or at idle, an alternative method can be used to change the individual elements of the exhaust system, and replacing the catalyst with a flame arrester is one such method. We must immediately note that it is best to engage in such conversion under the supervision of real experts and not to undertake independent work.
Options for action (number one)

Flame arrester The first option is a direct replacement of the catalyst for a new one, when you only have to buy it for a large amount (no less than 30 000), then pay all the work of mechanics in the service center (from 1000 to 5000, depending on the region), and Only then enjoy a comfortable ride by car.

Suitable such an uneconomical action is not at all to poor motorists or those whose car is on warranty service. There are only two advantages of replacing the catalyst for a new one: firstly, you do not risk losing a warranty on the machine due to installation of freelance equipment, and secondly, the level of CO2 emissions will be quite low, as stipulated by the car manufacturer.

However, the replacement of the catalyst has its obvious shortcomings in the form of a very high purchase price and all repair work in the service. The replaced part does not guarantee high reliability at all and soon it may be necessary to renew. Of course, the service life of the new catalyst is very low, and there is no guarantee. In general, continuous perdimanocle is obtained, except for the fact that the car owner receives only the preservation of the guarantee for his car, if it was acquired by a new one.