Polyester is another popular artificial material

Because this material in jackets uses several types of fabrics – artificial, natural and mixed. In mixed fabrics in varying proportions, artificial and natural fibers are combined. Let’s analyze them in more detail.

1. Nylon – This artificial material is often used, especially in sports models. Bright, leg-resistant, extreme temperature resistant, powerful for breaking and friction. Practically, it does not absorb moisture and, if treated with a special impregnation, it obtains water repellent properties, which are retained for a long time. True, this dignity can be perceived as a disadvantage, because in this case it lacks the air well. But the finger, easy to clean, durable nylon is not so popular in vain.

2. Polyester is another artificial material, often added to cotton, as it helps to maintain the shape well and increase the strength of the material. Protects well from humidity, but prevents air from entering. If polyester is used in its pure form, then things do not rust, such as nylon, have a matte, strong and stable surface in socks. Polyester fabrics are not crushed and cared for.

3. Spandex, or lycra – a group of artificial materials, similar in the properties of the above, but which have an additional elasticity. Light and soft, stretch well, while keeping shape – such fabrics are often used for tailoring.