Pants need to be selected the correct length

When you step forward, the sock should not be visible from under the trousers, the trousers should close the upper part of the shoe.

The trouser arrows, located in the center, should fall on the center of the shoe.

For full men, you need to choose straight and wide trousers.

Do not wear pants, narrowed down, if your legs are not quite perfect. To narrowed pants should be selected shoes with narrowed nose.
Business clothes

Choosing a business suit, it must be strict, it should not stand out individual details, everything should harmonize and look holistic.

The cut of the costume must match the figure, and also be elegant and at the same time simple.

In an official setting, the jacket should always be buttoned, except for the bottom button.

Business suit, etiquette, a maskCost, tie, shirt, pants, shoes, everything should be ironed, neat and clean. Business clothes should be conservative: choose strict ties, solid shirts, black shoes and solid jackets. In summer, a light suit and shoes are allowed.

If you are an office worker, it is permissible to wear jeans. But one should choose classical models. Shoes can also be a sporty style, a shirt, a belt should be in tone. You can also wear jackets.