In the absence of the thermostat, the regulation of heating and air conditioning would be incomplete

This device makes it possible to set the desired temperature. When the thermostat is missing, every time you want to adjust the body temperature, you have to do it manually. It should be pointed out that the thermostat, on the one hand, measures the current temperature and, on the other hand, regulates the system so that the desired temperature is achieved by cooling or heating. The measurement is done by means of the so-called thermal sensor.
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In our online shop you will find all the spare parts you need

A car is parked, held in position by the handbrake cable, which has the task of pressing the clamping jaws against the brake disc. The transmitted force by the driver’s hand toward the brake cable is less than what is achieved by pressing the brake pedal. However, being shorter, the force required to hold the car is also stationary. The exception would be if the car is parked on a steep hill. In this case, however, we must take further measures. You should start a gear and one of the vehicle wheels should be closed by a special device. Since the rope of the handbrake is not reliable and does not require any particular strength, an alternative in most cases has become superfluous.
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Tuned modified machines

Therefore, standard spoilers are installed only behind the vehicle. Tuned vehicles have more wings and spoilers and are significantly different from regular cars. The difference between spoilers and wings is found in the structure of these components. The translation of the term “spoil” is “destruction”. Regular air flow is destroyed to impede some forces and increase other forces. When buoyancy is limited, adhesion to road surface increases. Wings, on the other hand, suffer the influence of lateral airflows, managing to manipulate only these.
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Check your car before leaving for a break

The spring has already arrived, and with it the long days and sunny, the first trips, as well as programs for the summer vacation. Maybe in those days you were just discussing with your boss to decide when to plan weeks of rest; And maybe you have also been discussing with your wife or husband to decide where to spend the holidays.
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Asymmetric dress styles

Most of us are used to wearing dresses with a straight edge and a symmetrical silhouette. This is the standard method of modeling. Therefore, familiarity with the world of asymmetrical dresses can lead to confusion. Although some models look best on a certain type of figure, asymmetric dresses are suitable for all women. The main thing is to choose the design that your silhouette demonstrates.
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Genuine spare parts

This is where the question arises which parts of a workshop or online store – original or equivalent. Today, let’s talk about all the pros and cons of these two options. Regardless of the car you bought, new or used, it is important to make the right decision regarding the parts and answer the question whether to pay for the original spare part.
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