The dimensions of the garage door of a passenger car

Sometimes you need to meet two vehicles. If you need a garage door for 2 cars, the dimensions are as follows:

Take the width of two cars plus the distance to open doors between the cars and walls.
When calculating the height considered holder growth + 20-30 cm. Typically, the door trim is within 2.2 m.
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Replacing the catalyst with a flame arrester: Tips, options, nuances

One of the main criteria for the qualitative work of the entire car can easily be called its noiselessness. When too loud sounds emanating from the silencer side appear during driving or at idle, an alternative method can be used to change the individual elements of the exhaust system, and replacing the catalyst with a flame arrester is one such method. We must immediately note that it is best to engage in such conversion under the supervision of real experts and not to undertake independent work.
Options for action (number one)
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From what to wear a long black dress?

From what to wear long black plateVsegda stylish and elegant long black dress is a blank canvas for the design of experiments. It can be combined with a felt hat and slippers for casual attire and jewelry luxury formal events. Accessories can instantly change the look of a long black dress. Feminine and suitable for many occasions, makes it possible to create countless number of different ensembles. Therefore, the dress should be in every woman’s wardrobe.
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The choice of office furniture in modern conditions

What should pay attention to when choosing office furniture or cabinets? Of course, the experience of the seller, the manufacturer’s history, ease of use, quality of furniture, and so on. D. The administration, which employs staff to work must provide their employees with comfortable working conditions. It is known that employees who feel comfortable in the workplace, who want to work better than in the reverse situation, Personnel office chairs should only be selected according to their type of activity. For example, a manager must be flexible chair on wheels, which is able to rotate to any strontium. Since managerial work involves movement of the office, the person who is in the chair shall, without obstacles and quickly perform various actions on the territory of the workplace. Such security will not be tired at work, back and armrests should be adjustable.
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How should a jacket – a guide for how to choose the right size of a jacket

The right size jacket as a piece of clothing remains the most universal and necessary element of our wardrobe. We can wear it in any weather: it’s cold, it’s hot – there’s always a lot of fabric options that will be appropriate and comfortable for a certain temperature.
For this reason, each man probably has in his closet at least one sports jacket. If not, we strongly recommend including it in the list of upcoming purchases. For the first, dark blue is quite suitable because of its exceptional versatility. About what to wear a jacket with, was a separate article. And today we will give some advice on how to meet the requirements of a well-fitted copy. Simply put, how should a jacket sit.
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We mattress two main functions: support and comfort. Nothing more

First of all, you should remember that you do not pay attention to all the terms used by manufacturers and sellers of mattresses. They are for the most compelling love to name their products or Posturepedic Ortopedic. Which must mean that these mattresses for health are very good and are capable of treating the “deformation of the body and the spine.” This can not be, mattresses are not able to handle, and such items – the usual marketing, which should increase the interest of the consumer

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