Original parts – pros and cons

It turns out that people do not want to go into details about the production of auto parts, the best option – the purchase of original spare parts. However, such an approach is hardly true: the difference in price in the same position between the original parts and other times greater than ten times greater. And here it is necessary to know that the buyer can get for your money, and what, in terms of reliability and durability, sell various parts.

The offices of automobile factories high cost of original spare explain market relations: selling price is determined local marketing department based on the market situation. (Incidentally, the price lists of the company offices in different countries can be very different from one another, making dealers happy to provide Russian original parts legally bought somewhere abroad. In this case, the cheaper the price will not is false.) But the expression “fee logo” has caused staff representative explicit protest. According to them, first, putting his badge detail carmaker warrant and bears full responsibility for the quality of the details. Second, every car factory has a special unit to control the quality of the components. Control is not one hundred percent, but in the case of marriage usually reject the entire country. And here, according to workers, it is not appropriate to speak of ‘payment logos “and” board quality assurance. ”
Thanks to transparent system of marketing counterfeit “original” is not much, but the appearance in stores mysterious parts clogged with cars logo, most likely – a breach of contract between the manufacturer manufacturer of automobiles and parts.

For obvious reasons, direct answer to the question whether there can be such that the seller sent the conveyor parts of a quality and aftemarket – on the other hand, can not be obtained. However, there are cases where during the inspection found that the details of the factory will have a better quality than those that were intended for shops. This means that it uses a different manufacturing process, while creating auto parts.
According to representatives of the largest suppliers of spare parts – GKN, Febi Bilstain and ZF (brands Sachs, Boge, and Lemforder), purchase of original spare parts is not economically sensible. According to them, there is no difference between the parts are delivered to the assembly line and aftemarket. Everything is done in one process, the company is subject to the same standard and passes control, and no matter which countries located factories concerns. “Engines Audi collected in Hungary, but this does not preclude calling German build quality. Therefore, it makes no sense to divide Bilstain dampers for” German “and” Romanian “- emphasized in Febi office. Similarly, there is no difference (apart price depending on the sellers’) between SHRUS Spidan, Lobro and GKN – all brands of the group of packages – absolutely identical product with the seal of GKN.