One-year children’s toys for language development

At the end of a year, the child starts actively mimicking adult speech, copying sounds. The first, the simplest word appears. Helps to develop language reading in adult children’s books aloud, with poems, poems, jokes and songs.

For a complete development of speech, books with images of objects and animals are appropriate. The child should show the card with the image and clearly pronounce the name out loud. The game will extend the child’s vision of the world and make a contribution to the passive vocabulary. Playing with music and games centers and toys expands the vocabulary, provided that when the buttons are pressed, words and sounds are spoken. At the same time, train motor skills, if the child himself pushes the buttons.
Toys for one-year-old children who develop physical abilities

The first steps the child takes about a year. Much of the time goes from the first independent step to a trusted walk. And so far it is possible to help the child maintain balance and develop coordination. For this purpose, wheelchairs, car seats, cars, everything that can be held by the handle and pushed forward are suitable.