Manufacturers: elite class, medium, budget

If you are thinking about which firm to choose the air conditioner for an apartment, then it is important to determine how good it should be and what functions it should prevail in.

The most qualitative in terms of performance and with a large number of options, air conditioners are positioned as elite. Among manufacturers such systems are produced by such Japanese companies as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba. They are performed most qualitatively. They have a variety of functions, including a self-diagnostic system and protection from all possible malfunctions or non-standard situations. The cost of such systems is much higher than the rest.

The middle class of air conditioners, in fact, also has all the possible functions, but they differ from the premium class by simpler assembling and not so advanced protection. Publish more noise when working. In the middle class, you can specify brands such as Panasonic, Sanyo, Hyundai, McQuay, Aermec and Hitachi.

The internal timer allows you to set the air conditioner on schedule. For example, one hour before your return to the apartment, the air conditioner will automatically turn on and cool the room to the required temperature. In the night mode, the air conditioner operates at minimum power, which reduces the noise from the running fan, and it does not interfere with rest.

Ionization, as well as saturation, with oxygen are the functions of air conditioners of the elite class. To do this, the indoor unit is additionally supplied with an ionizer and a chemical filter. The availability of these functions will significantly affect the cost of the air conditioning system.