Just trend this season?

You can not chase after her, you can only run after the dress from the last collection of the Italian designer and realize that the next season wearing this dress will be a bad taste.

More shows in a row on the catwalks, we see bright big prints: flowers, fruits, animals, fish and birds, even hamburgers and martini glasses have taken place as a pattern on the fabric. Clothing with such light prints looks very impressive, but scares most buyers with their extravagance and impractical characteristics. We are afraid that we will buy such a noticeable thing too much money, but we only want it for a season, so we prefer to invest in a classic wardrobe.

The reason for such abundance of flowers, animalistics and plant ornaments – in the general tendency of softness and romance. Women are already tired of ubiquitous military, men’s costumes and sports style. Flying dresses, sexy skirts, blouses with lush sleeves – that’s what women want. Flowers in print like the performance of femininity and tenderness, animalistic ornaments – all of this is aggressive.