In the absence of the thermostat, the regulation of heating and air conditioning would be incomplete

This device makes it possible to set the desired temperature. When the thermostat is missing, every time you want to adjust the body temperature, you have to do it manually. It should be pointed out that the thermostat, on the one hand, measures the current temperature and, on the other hand, regulates the system so that the desired temperature is achieved by cooling or heating. The measurement is done by means of the so-called thermal sensor.

Thanks to the respective control unit, it is calculated how much air should be heated or cooled to achieve the desired result, taking into account the current temperature of the passenger compartment. If the car is equipped with an air conditioning device, the cooling can be combined with heating. This also allows for the additional effect of dehumidifying the ambient air. The suction of air from the surrounding environment and the subsequent exchange with the air used always makes it possible to have fresh air. This results in a permanent adaptation of the ambient temperature thanks to the action of a sufficiently dimensioned system and an internal fan. When the outside temperature is very high or low, relatively low performance systems must be supported by a fan. In order to calculate the precise mix made up of the interior air and the air supplied, it is also necessary to measure the air of the system. To this end, the presence of a second thermal sensor is indispensable.

It can be installed in the air conditioner cooling hose. The thermostat itself is inside a flexible hose and can therefore easily be replaced in the event of a disturbance. First, however, to do so, you must extract all the coolant, then replace it. In our online store you will find a wide range of spare parts (for example, evaporator, windscreen wiper arm, toothed wheel (cylindrical gear), central locking system, ignition coil) for most automotive brands.