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A car is parked, held in position by the handbrake cable, which has the task of pressing the clamping jaws against the brake disc. The transmitted force by the driver’s hand toward the brake cable is less than what is achieved by pressing the brake pedal. However, being shorter, the force required to hold the car is also stationary. The exception would be if the car is parked on a steep hill. In this case, however, we must take further measures. You should start a gear and one of the vehicle wheels should be closed by a special device. Since the rope of the handbrake is not reliable and does not require any particular strength, an alternative in most cases has become superfluous.

Some luxury vehicles, but this is also very difficult, they are equipped with an additional brake system vacuum, pneumatically controlled. The vacuum required is generated here in the throttle valve. The alternatives are seldom considered, since the handbrake also works without a brake booster. Pulling the lever is located in the center console, the driver’s arm has a good grip and can use such a force. Alternatively, the lever can be under the steering wheel, even if it is a situation today only rarely used. Along with the lever is also a steel cable, consisting of several wires twisted into a thick string and thus stable. This method makes a robust and reliable handbrake rope. Thus, even if one of the wires break, this does not interfere with the consistency of the string. Therefore there is no danger. The braking effect can be impaired only in the case where several wires break.

First, however, this involves an extension of the travel of the lever and, at the same time, the driver to check the status of the handbrake rope by means of a light signal on the dashboard which is made aware. Replacing the cable is a simple task that requires simple tools. The rope hand takes quite a long time. In our online shop you will find all the spare parts you need including: mirror, sensor throttle, windows, etc. at a very reasonable price.