How should a jacket – a guide for how to choose the right size of a jacket

The right size jacket as a piece of clothing remains the most universal and necessary element of our wardrobe. We can wear it in any weather: it’s cold, it’s hot – there’s always a lot of fabric options that will be appropriate and comfortable for a certain temperature.
For this reason, each man probably has in his closet at least one sports jacket. If not, we strongly recommend including it in the list of upcoming purchases. For the first, dark blue is quite suitable because of its exceptional versatility. About what to wear a jacket with, was a separate article. And today we will give some advice on how to meet the requirements of a well-fitted copy. Simply put, how should a jacket sit.

In most guides on how to find the right size blazer or jacket for a suit, you will find strict recommendations on the length of the sleeve, the width of the shoulders, the fullness of the chest and the length of the jacket itself. It is popular phrase: “the jacket should sit like a glove” (that is, tightly fit the figure). All these rules work in most cases, but there are nuances.

For example, talking about the length of the jacket, the most common advice: the bottom edge should be at the level of the knuckles of the hand. Can we blindly apply this rule? Probably not. There is a difference between the styles of men’s jackets and suits. To the formal traditional this rule is applicable:

Thus, the length of the jacket can vary from the style. Not to mention the fact that the length of the hands of all different.

You can also find advice that the back of the jacket should completely cover the back. Again, this is not always the case. It would be more accurate to say that the jacket should be long enough to cover the buttocks, and at the same time, if possible, open the foot line as much as possible.