From what to wear a long black dress?

From what to wear long black plateVsegda stylish and elegant long black dress is a blank canvas for the design of experiments. It can be combined with a felt hat and slippers for casual attire and jewelry luxury formal events. Accessories can instantly change the look of a long black dress. Feminine and suitable for many occasions, makes it possible to create countless number of different ensembles. Therefore, the dress should be in every woman’s wardrobe.

Black dress can be suitable for a variety of occasions. long dress in black shirt combined with a denim jacket or vest looks impressive and comfortable. unpretentious materials such as denim, add a sense of relaxation, without depriving elegant dress. Flip-flops or ballet ensemble will highlight everyday and espadrilles wedges add elegance. But high-heeled shoes better not to wear, dress them will not look everyday.

If you are going to a nightclub with friends, a long black dress and then it would be appropriate, unless you choose accessories that make the outfit too formal. Tankettes – great for evening entertainment. Full black dress and tankettes colored pendant chain. necklace turquoise and gold wedgies – another feminine combination. If you want to emphasize the elegant black dresses, put on top of a wide and long blazer.

Long black dress looks amazing on formal events, when combined with some fancy accessories. This is the case when you can not shy size and brightness when selecting accessories. Silver or gold, diamond necklace or cuff bracelet combined with sparkling stones and sandals with straps – ideal accessory for formal ensemble. Sheet or faux fur short jacket dress elegance up to a new level.

huge straw or felt hat in combination with the black dress is very suitable for a holiday in an exotic country. Decorated with rhinestones sequins whole slippers will give a luxurious look and a huge bag bright colors and prints will be easy to remember addition fashionable and functional. Make-up can also be used as an accessory. bright lipstick, for example, red, pink or coral makes a magnificent black dress even more spectacular and extravagant.