For easy care laminate?

In fact, laminate care modest: it is not necessary to engage scraping, sanding and varnishing. To care enough rubbing well-wrung damp cloth and complex contamination removed with acetone, detergents, solvents. Laminate – A flooring, which is not afraid of chemistry.
Flooring board in the interior

Parquet board will serve adequately for decades

For the boards and make sure that neteško. What will it take? It’s just that tree for a long time kept the original look, special care products to use. When the food should not be forgotten that a large amount of water is irrelevant can not use a vacuum cleaner, fabric should be thoroughly vrung. As far as cleaning products that contain chemicals, they are not allowed.
Price / quality ratio

The cost of laminate depends on such factors:

range resistance (23-31 off, and for the area with high load more expensive);
the name of the manufacturer.

Usually, special decor for the price is not affected. In general, the money for the purchase of laminates takes less than timber.

Parquet Price depends not only on the brand, brand and quality, or the type of wood used in the top layer. For example, beech and oak are the cheapest, cherry and walnut – is more expensive at the time (they have thin stems, so that the raw material is sprayed much less thrive).
An important aspect of – environmentally

Despite the high technology of today, which increase Imitate wood, laminate not a natural material. Since the production of chemicals such as affect health negatively.