Floor air conditioners

In the channel air conditioners, the indoor unit is located entirely within the ceiling of the room. As a result, a false ceiling is mandatory. Chilled air is drained into the room by means of suitable channels (flexible tubing). These flexible tubings result in blinds improving the aesthetics of the space. The solution of this particular air conditioner is indicated in cases where the space is large enough and it is preferable to extract air from more than one different point. However, if this solution is chosen, the purchase of the above pipelines and louvers should be included in the cost.

The floor / ceiling air conditioners give us the option of deciding where to install them, since, as they are obvious from their name, they can be installed either on the floor or on the ceiling of the room. In the first case (floor) we have to take into account what has already been mentioned about hot and cold air in the wall conditioners. In the second case (roof) we should consider that the unit is not “digested” within the roof, as in the “channel” and “cassette” air conditioners, but it is entirely visible. However, placing it on the ceiling of the room does not require a false ceiling. To avoid misinterpretation, it should be stressed that there are indoor units which visually resemble the floor-mounted air conditioners but are either single-floor or single-ceiling only.

Cases Wardrobes
In the cassette type air conditioners, the indoor unit is mounted on the ceiling of the room. Hence, in this case, a false ceiling is also mandatory. However, unlike the air conditioner, the bottom is obvious. Additionally, the air is exhausted only from the point where the indoor unit is installed.
The type of air conditioner cabinets refers to bulky floor-mounted machines that are more commonly used for air conditioning in large professional spaces such as cafes and restaurants.

Portable cold air
The category includes portable air conditioners that use air to exchange heat between the indoor and outdoor environment.