Electricity – change providers and compare prices

What does change supplier?
The free option is a process by which a customer chooses to terminate the contractual relationship with their supplier of electricity and sign a new contract with an energy supplier.

Changing provider is a perfectly legal framework regulated by ANRE with respect by all parties of the ANRE Order no. 105 / 22.10.2014.

  • електроенергия пазарджик

What is new energy supplier?
It is the supplier that will begin providing energy on a new electricity supply contract completion date of the change of supplier.

Why change the current supplier?
To benefit from competitive prices on the energy market by using renewable energy resources accessed by Eva Energy.

Why choose ENERGY EVA?
-will simplify energy bill;
– Provide professional services;
-River contract is signed for a value of subscription of your choice depending on the average consumption according to invoices the last 6 months;

For changing energy suppliers are paid fees?
The process of switching is free throughout its being forbidden charging any fee or charge.

It is necessary to change the meter or changing the electrical system in the process of switching?
No modifications are required electrical installation or changing the meter and meter reading will be done by the distribution operator for the area in which you live.

We mention, however, it is possible that, in exceptional cases, for technical reasons, be necessary to reprogram or change the meter.

How difficult is the process of changing energy supplier?

Short client follows the following steps:
-One site
-Vizualizam Offers ENERGY EVA and choose depending on the average consumption according to invoices the last 6 months;
-full Form with contact details;
-Descarcam Documents related to change provider of email received. You will find models including completed to ease your work;
-You Are contacted by re EBUGET 48;
Signs in front EBUGET representative electricity supply contract (in duplicate) and the documents relating to the Change of Supplier:

a. Notice of termination of the old contract to supply energy;
b. Request for concluding the supply contract with SC EVA Energy S.R.L;
c. the list of documents to be submitted to binding that attach copy of ID, copy of the property / copy of the lease with clauses supplier of electricity;

-First By mail within seven days and a copy of the documents signed by the energy supplier EVA ENERGY;